"Renewable Energy Jobs for the Built Environment"

NukeJobs.com is a green energy jobs aggregator that provides architects, engineers and construction professionals access to sustainable energy jobs. NukeJobs are clean energy jobs and alternative energy jobs such as tidal power jobs, solar energy jobs, nuclear power jobs, wind energy jobs, hydro power jobs, biomass energy jobs, green nuclear jobs, wind power jobs, wave power jobs and geothermal energy jobs.

NukeJobs.com is dedicated to supporting environmental sustainability for the global energy community, in an effort to promote a healthier, greener planet.

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NukeJobs are cleantech and sustainable energy jobs that are clean power jobs such as solar jobs, wind jobs, nuclear power jobs, tidal energy jobs, nuclear energy jobs, solar power jobs, wind power jobs and all forms of alternative energy jobs, green energy jobs and Sustainable Engineering Jobs that support environmental sustainability.

Nukejobs also services specialty subgroups such as nuclear job seekers with targeted nuclear engineering jobs, nuclear plant jobs, nuclear construction jobs, nuclear engineer jobs, or nuclear power plant jobs, and offers a host of nuclear employment resources like nuclear career counseling, a nuclear salary calculator, assessment testing and nuclear resume writing tools.

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