Name : wastewaterbob
Industry Type : Specialty Contractors
City & State : Statewide,MI
Job Title unemployed
Relocation Preferences :
Objective : "Looking for the next great adventure."

Resume :  
RJ Stewart (Sales Maker) “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
SOSChemist[at]gmail.com • 810.208.0363 Cell: 810.394.0247 UP (906) 643-6517 • P.O. Box 1066, Flint, MI 48501

Formal Education
• Michigan State University 1 yr. Post Grad Studies 800 Level - Avg. 4.0
• Central Michigan University Masters in Business Administration - Marketing & Finance – Avg. 3.6
• Syracuse University Post Grad Studies - Physical Chemistry - Avg. 3.6
• New England College Bachelor of Science – Chemistry, dual minors Math and Psychology – Avg. 3.4

Qualifications & Experience

Present: Too young to retire; consider myself unemployed. “Looking for the next great adventure” (credit to B&V Eng.)

2008 Constructed Wetlands Group • Reedbed.com
North East Regional Manager for Constructed Wetlands Group; Manufacturing Representative

2.75 years Mack Environmental • Environmental Regional Project Management - precast concrete structures
Michigan Sales Municipal Waste Plant, Municipal Water & Environmental Services
Last quarter bids captured >$22,000,000 with ~half specked by the engineering firm of record.

0.5yr Sterile Ozone Sciences • Ozide (O5-7) generator development for water sterilization
Co-Founder Free radical to improve kill ratio on giardia and crypto; odor control, lift pump stations and WWTP’s

9 years Clear Water • Water Treatment Equipment – Membranes & Laboratory Services
CEO Director Directed this company from a start up status:
Environmental Phase Audits & Lead Based Paint health risk assessments
Design-build, install and train to operate industrial waste water treating systems
Membrane failure analysis reports
Laboratory Director CWI State Certified Laboratory #8008
Various waste water and industrial water characterization studies and reporting
Install DAF, rotary grit removal, plate and frame filters, tanks, etc.
Built a MIDAg licensed bottling plant servicing GM-UAW
Project managed waste plant installation and protocols for remediation

RJ Stewart Resume page 2

7 years BSA Industries • Metal Finishing Surface Coatings and Wastewater Treatments

Founder Proprietary Chemical Manufacturer
Formulated and manufactured EP Toxic Free® plating chemicals, pre-paint preparations and rust inhibitors, hard surface cleaners, wear resistant coatings - EN, corrosion preventative/protective strategies, adhesion promoters. Markets include electroplating & rustproofers, wastewater. Developed a network of distributors calling on finishers/coaters, vibratory finishing shops, pulp & paper mills, metal forming, casting plants, plastic molders, industrial painting facilities and wastewater plants.

14 years MacDermid, Inc. • Marketing Manager and Director of New Product Development
Waterbury CN R&D: MacDermid sales at start of employment was just under $5,000,000
Developed 1st no rerack process for plating on plastics
1st to plate thru-hole on printed circuit boards
Graduate of the 1st Xerox Basic Systems Sales Training Program
Grand Rapids Sales: Sold 1st no rerack process at Plastic Plate Corp. which later expanded to Lacks Inds.
Sold 1st. truck load POP proprietary chemistry as customers expanded automation
Doubled sales in the Grand Rapids Michigan Territory in 14 months
Ferndale Mgt. District Sales Manager, Laboratory Supervisor including WWT
Developed Etch Back for cleaner thru-hole profile on PCB’s.
Introduced low temperature product concept in response to 1983 energy shortages

Waterbury, CN Mgt. Marketing Mgr. Phosphate Div., Developed MacPlate, writing new auto specifications
Prepared budgets, forecasts, marketing plans and financial resource management
National Field Sales Mgr. Powder Coatings Div., Market Mgr. surface products, environmental WWT chemical lines in district, Product Manager Powder Coatings, Product Manager Phosphate market USA and Canada.
New Product Development included first proposal to CEO “Printing; A Lateral Integration of Existing Owned Proprietary Knowledge”.
Left to join McGean Rhoco as Vice President
Instrumental in long term growth curve: MacDermid sold for $ 2,200,000,000.

RJ Stewart Resume Page 3

1 year General Super Plate • Assistant to the VP

E Syracuse, NY Engineered conversion of a Zn Rack Udylite Jr. to become 1st to automate POP.
Laboratory analysis of all plating baths, QC incl. Beta Backscatering, Job Costing to VP
Installed low stress nickel formulation on POP to reduce rejects due to molding defects

1 year Sylvania Electric • Research - Sr. Yr. Thesis, Undergraduate Studies

Hillsborough, NH 1st to grow nickel spheres on P/N junctions

Became practical application increasing the reliability of diodes from 10% to >99%.
The project consisted of formulating electroless gold and depositing a thin layer. After resist application at Sylvania an ionic pure low stress nickel sphere was applied to replace silver which was forming filamentary whiskers and shorting out the package. The process was adopted in commerce, an early improvement that changed electronic packaging.


• Certified Electro Finisher - CEF American Electroplaters and Surface Finishing
• Industrial Water & Wastewater “Certified to Operate” - EPA Industrial Water and Wastewater #W6161
• DEQ Surface Water in Construction Site Certified – DEQ #C-13232
• Environmental Inspector/Phase & Baseline Auditing, Certified - Environmental Assessment Association
• Certified Drinking Water Distribution Certified Operator – DEQ S-3
• Executive Leadership Skills, Professional Situation Management
• Project Design - University Southern California - EPA
• Hobbies - Science-Research, Photography, Flying, Kayaking, Camping, Teaching, Published
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