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Why Plan, Execute and Measure are necessary for an construction employer?

Progressive companies have recognized a trap called complacency. The most dangerous trap of all because it is an attitude of 'everything is okay as it is' versus an attitude of 'what can we consistently improve in order to remain competitive?" Change is an integrated part of construction employer operations- it is no longer talked about as much as it is a reality in the work environment. The changes can consist of personal reviews or restructures, rapid market shifts, technological advances and people changes such as resignations or retirements. Top performing companies have put plans into place for each possible change based on experience from the past and in addition plan for contingencies or things that could possibly happen that could alter business results. For example a client of mine (a top Fortune 500 construction employer) experienced a major setback when they had an exodus of top performers in their sales division a few years ago. It took them two years to recover from the loss of talent, expertise and lost client relationships. They did recover due to their willingness to completely shift their paradigm. They did not want the same thing happening to them again and they wanted to be better positioned to prevent the exodus in the first place.

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