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When do I present references and what should they consist of?

References are almost always required for any level hire. It’s important to always be prepared to support your claims in your construction resume or in the construction interview with quality references. The most appropriate type of references are past work references, but construction employers will sometimes consider a construction personal reference if it is from a recognized construction executive. References can take the form of written letters of recommendation or simple contact names, phone numbers and addresses. I always suggest providing between 3 and 6 references at the most to a potential construction employer. References are usually not required until an offer is being offered. If you are asked for references beforehand make sure to ask if you are being offered the job. It’s pointless for you to submit references unless you know this is the position you want and the construction employer knows they want you. If they are basing your hire solely on your references convincing they you are the best hire, then walk away. The construction employer has to want the references to work out if you did your job during the construction interview. Ask the construction employer what type of references he or she is looking for and if there are any skill or responsibility issues they want to validate so you can lead them to the best sources. Before submitting references to a potential construction employer, make sure to contact your references and prepare them for the construction employer’s contact. Stress the skills that the construction employer will be looking for in the reference so they can be prepared.

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