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What is Construction Chief Estimator Job Description ?

Chief Estimator Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for developing strategies for the pursuit and procurement of competitively bid projects fitting within the accepted market segments reflected in The firm marketing plan for year. 1. This involves teaching the staff about the approaches required when reviewing project documents with regards to strategic advantages due to our in-house capabilities, specific areas of work that demand attention due to the scope as compared to the overall requirements of the project. 2. Teach the staff to develop strategic alliances with key subcontractors as a method to receive preferential treatment & pricing on bid day. 3. Identifying major issues and concerns on a project in regards to risk/reward situations. 2. Responsible for the organization of the Estimating Department to assure that the proper procedures are in place to allow a smooth bidding process. 3. Train the estimating staff to accurately take-off and price items of self performed work such as structural wood framing materials, wood framing labor, concrete formwork, concrete place & finish. 4. Responsible for setting the Directors of Estimating goals each trimester and then assuring the goals set for the staff by the Sr. Managers of Estimating are in alignment with the Chief Estimators goals. 5. Fully implement Timberline Precision as outlined below. This is further defined as having the work packages for our self-performed work such as: completed so a project can be bid from the software. This responsibility also includes the capability to easily transfer a successfully estimated project to Operations & job cost, updating and adding assemblies for new types of work and maintain unit costs in the system. 6. Assure that the policies and procedures for the estimating department are developed and enforced. Items such as informing a subcontractor if they are 10% low or more on a bid, assuring that no bid shopping takes place, pre-bid meetings are held with the proper team in attendance, effective hand-over to operations meetings are conducted, lock down meetings with operations is held in a timely manner, monitoring of scheduled closeouts with operations and defining an ethical approach to the buy-out process. 7. Maintain in conjunction with all departments a working sublist of qualified subcontractors who adhere to our company standards. This responsibility also includes helping maintain our preferred subcontractor program. 8. Assure that all subcontractors are treated in accordance with the program and the signed charter between the firm and those subcontractors. 9. Responsible for an increase in profit assuring the principles outline in #6 above are not compromised, through the buy-out process on each project that is successfully estimated by the estimating staff of the firm. 10. Determine the maximum amount of profit that can be obtained on each project during the bidding process by accurately tracking special pricing given to the firm by our subcontractors. 11. Responsible for the follow-up with repeat, new, and prospective clients of the firm. This responsibility will include pre-construction services such as the following: 1. Review of conceptual bids. 2. Maintain & update on a quarterly basis the databases used for conceptual and hard bids within the Precision. 3. Value analysis of clients plans & specifications including coordination, completeness, & clarity. 4. Presentation of bids, estimates, and conceptual bids to our clients. 5. Assuring that our clients receive their conceptual estimates at the agreed upon timeframe. 6. Follow-up with the new or existing clients to assure their needs are being met. 12. Format bid protests when appropriate and follow up on these protests to assure The firm is properly represented at the subsequent hearings. This responsibility also includes understanding Nevada Revised Statues, public entity requirements, local codes and standards. 13. Develop a list of our competitions subcontractors from their listings on public works bid and industry knowledge from private sector work. 14. Work with operations to effectively reduce the number of cost phase codes to implement simpler cost accounting from the field. 15. Track job cost & unit production 16. Work with business development and preconstruction to establish realistic time frames for estimates to be completed. 17. Hold weekly staff meetings to review current and future workload, project concerns, and any other issues pertaining to the department. 18. Maintain and build working relationships with subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers and clients. Assure that our highly rated subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers and clients receive extraordinary treatment and respect at all times.

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