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What is Construction Vice President of Field Operations Job Description ?

General Job Description: Duties and Responsibilities Reporting to the President of Eagle Concrete Systems, the Vice President Field Operations shall, as a member of the senior management team, fully participates in all aspects of the management of the company. This will include, but not necessarily be limited to, strategic and tactical business planning and decision making in regard to operational, as well as capital investment, corporate polices and procedures and staffing issues. The Vice President Field Operations shall be responsible for the overall management of all contracts. This will be accomplished through the development and implementation of systems that will allow the Vice President Field Operations to effectively plan and execute the assigned contracts including the ability to monitor and verify the progress of each contract in terms of schedule, cost and quality. The Vice President Field Operations shall also contribute to the growth of the company by developing and maintaining excellent relationships with the General Contractor community. This will be accomplished, in part, by maintaining a professional and cooperative manner in all dealings with General Contractors. Finally, the Vice President Field Operations shall train and mentor the companys Superintendents of Field Operations and Crew Leaders as well as act as role models by setting the tone and reflecting the culture of how we operate. This will be accomplished, in part, by having a full and complete understanding of all corporate polices, procedures and best practices, including the Eagle Concrete Systems Employee Handbook. Specific Job Duties and Responsibilities Working with the President of Eagle Concrete Systems, the Vice President of Projects, the appropriate Superintendent of Field Operations, Estimating and Procurement/Project Management, the Vice President Field Operations shall participate in the development of an operations plan for each new contract. This process is known as the Post Award/Preconstruction Kickoff/ Planning Meeting. Working with the Superintendent of Field Operations manage the execution of each assigned contract by: 1.Determining a weekly production schedule 2.Verify and monitor the progress on each contract for which they are responsible. 3.Working with the Vice President of Projects so that he/she is able to effectively schedule all jobs. Resolve all issues in a timely manner. Keep the President of Eagle Concrete Systems informed of the weekly progress on each contract. On all projects over $50K keep a daily log of all significant activity, i.e. discussions with Superintendents Field Operations, Crew Leaders, Subcontractors and General Contractors regarding issues raised, decisions made, commitments madeetc. Develop a good working relationship with each general contractor and their staff. Communicate at least weekly with each general contractor bringing them up-to-date regarding schedule and any new or open old issues, questions and concerns. Manage the subcontractors, as appropriate, on each contract. Receive and review all Field Directives executed by the General Contractor and forwarded to you by the Superintendent of Field Operations. Discuss the Field Directive with the Superintendent Field Operations and the General Contractor. Process all executed Field Directives per Eagle Concrete Systems Field Directive/Change Order Policies and Procedures. Supervise/monitor all activities of the Superintendents of Field Operations in terms of: 1.Schedule 2.Crew size and mix 3.Construction issues.i. e. interpretation of prints, quality issues, safety issues, personnel issuesetc. 4.Procurement of material and support equipment Coordinate with the Vice President of Projects the above information so that he can effectively plan and execute the schedules, procurements, etc. for each project. Serve as Safety Director and as a member of the Eagle Concrete Systems Safety committee. Conduct a weekly OSHA mandated safety inspection of each active job site. Write up a formal safety report on all active projects over $50,000. Train the Superintendents of Field Operations how to adhere to Eagle Concrete Systems best practices in terms of: 1.Safety 2.Quality 3.Productivity 4.Appropriate use of equipment Review all check lists received from the Superintendents of Field Operations and provide a copy to the Executive Administrative Assistant which will go into the Job File. The VPs Field Operations shall supervise the daily activities of Eagle Concrete Systems Shop Manager as well as the Equipment Operators and the Clean Up Crews. Ensure that all company polices and procedures, including those outlined in the Employee Handbook are followed. Working with the Supervisor of Field Operations, quickly resolve any and all personnel issues. When appropriate, recommend and/or take appropriate action. To accomplish this; the Vice President Field Operations must be fully familiar with all Eagle Concrete Systems policies, procedures and best practices. When notified by Human Resources, ensure that new, probationary employees receive a 30, 60 and 90 day performance reviews and that these reviews are filed in the employees folder. Also, the VP of Field Operations works with Human Resources to: 1.Ensure that each Field Operations employee receives his/her annual performance review. 2.Determine field personnel that need to be hired. 3.Determine pay increases. 4.Act upon the appropriate disciplinary actions and termination if necessary. Note: It is the ultimate responsibility of the Vice Presidents Field Operations that the 30, 60 and 90 day probationary as well as the annual performance reviews take place. Working with the Superintendent of Field Operations and the Crew Leaders monitor both the technical and interpersonal skills of all field personnel with a view toward potential for promotion/advancement.

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