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My construction employer uses the internet to post open positions regularly. Do you have any suggestions that will maximize construction employer exposure?

According to the latest Nielsen/NetRatings, an average page view only lasts 50 seconds. This means not only do construction employers and recruiters have to grab an Internet job seeker’s attention quickly, but they also have to find ways to keep them interested. Take a look at these 5 basic suggestions.

Summary- Basic 5 lines that indicate why this is the dream job of choice. Grab the attention of the jobseeker immediately.

Advantages - Appeal to the passive jobseeker. For instance, what they may learn, how they may work with and what he/she will achieve professionally as well as personally.

Benefits - General Salary statements such as "Salary Based on Experience" just no longer work. Give Salary range, bonus opportunities , where the construction executive will work, the culture of the construction employer and then finally the extra perks they may receive for working with the construction employer.

Capabilities - Explain what the job expectations are as far as education & experience. Describe the type of personality or outlook that the person would need to feel most comfortable in this position.

Apply - Present the applicants with how to apply and who to send the resume to. If possible include a name instead of just "HR Manager" or "Personnel Dept". This will give the applicant a sense of security as well as a name/email address in which to follow up.

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