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Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC

Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC  (Visit website)

Monroeville , PA

Energy Producers- Developers

Westinghouse, a group company of Toshiba Corporation, is the worlds pioneering nuclear power company and is a leading supplier of nuclear plant products and technologies to utilities throughout the world. Advance your career in the dynamic nuclear power industry by joining the worldwide, motivated team of employees at Westinghouse. Nearly 50 percent of the nuclear power plants in operation worldwide, and nearly 60 percent in the United States, are based on Westinghouse technology. Westinghouse Electric Company is now fully committed to the commercial nuclear power industry, but the company traces its roots back to 1886, when it was founded by George Westinghouse, acknowledged during his lifetime as the worlds greatest engineer. During the 20th century, Westinghouse scientists and engineers were granted more than 28,000 U.S. government patents, the third most of any company. Throughout its long history, the name Westinghouse has been associated with a large number of significant achievements, mostly related to electricity and electronics. Among the companys milestones: The first commercial alternating current power generating station (1886) The first commercial radio broadcast (1920) The first diesel-electric rail car (1929) The first industrial atom-smasher (1937) The electronic amplifier to improve X-ray images (1948) The first commercial PWR nuclear plant (1957) Additionally, Westinghouse provided the cameras that enabled the world to watch mans first walk on the moon in 1969. Todays Westinghouse Electric Company continues to find innovative ways of applying nuclear power technology for the advancement of the worlds economies.

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