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DNV (Det Norske Veritas)

DNV (Det Norske Veritas)  (Visit website)

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Energy Producers- Developers

DNV (Det Norske Veritas) is an independent foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, and the environment. Our history goes back to 1864, when the foundation was established in Norway to inspect and evaluate the technical condition of Norwegian merchant vessels.

Since then, our core competence has been to identify, assess, and advise on how to manage risk. Whether we classify a ship, certify an automotive company’s management system, or advise on how to best maintain an aging oil platform, our focus is to safely and responsibly improve business performance.

Managing risk
As a leading international provider of services for managing risk, the point of managing risk is not necessarily to eliminate risk, but to have an overview of the most critical risks and manage them professionally. DNV’s technology understanding blended with competency within risk management has been used to assess, evaluate and manage the risks involved in numerous high-profile projects around the world.

An international partner
While headquartered in Oslo, Norway, DNV has worked internationally since 1867 and has established approximately 300 offices in 100 countries. As a knowledge-based company, our prime assets are the creativity, knowledge, and expertise of our 9,000 employees from more than 85 different nations.

While many of our services, such as management system certification and corporate responsibility, can be applied successfully in any industry, our main focus industries are:

Oil & gas
Food and beverage
Research and innovation
One of the most important competitive advantages of DNV is our investment in research and innovation that will safeguard life, property and the environment. Since 1954 DNV has had a dedicated research department that has enhanced and developed services, rules and industry standards in multiple fields. Many of the technology solutions developed by DNV have been so precise that they have helped define internationally recognized standards. At present, the most important research programmes in DNV are:

Biorisk management
Future energy solutions
Information processes and technology
Maritime transport
Multifunctional materials and surfaces
IT risk management and software products
Information technology is now an integral part of business. DNV offers not only methods for managing the risk of operating complex IT systems, but has also developed specialised software systems for design, strength assessment, risk analysis, asset life cycle management and knowledge based engineering.

Wherever we are, and whatever we do – 9,000 DNV colleagues take pride in working for a knowledge based organisation with a broad range, a depth of competence, and with the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment.

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