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Ace Energy Company Inc

Ace Energy Company Inc  (Visit website)

Buffalo , NY

Energy Producers- Developers

Ace Energy Company, Inc. offers expertise in energy-conscious building systems design and provides experience not limited to; lighting design using energy efficient T8 and T5 lamp technology, compact fluorescent, LED and fiber optic lighting sources, automatic and manual lighting controls such as occupancy sensor and dimming systems. A successful energy-efficient lighting upgrade requires a thorough understanding of all technologies involved, comparative analysis of product options and close examination of the specific lighting needs of a particular building and its occupants. With our design experience in School Districts and Universities, Office Complexes and Business Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospitality and Entertainment, Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities, Restaurants, Hospitals and Medical Centers, Ace Energy can surely assess your energy needs. Our knowledge allows us to combine the best lighting options for your facility. By conducting on site facility evaluations and lighting audits, we provide custom lighting solutions that are highly efficient, cost effective and can enhance your facility's value. Allow Ace Energy the opportunity to evaluate your facility today and take advantage of lower operating costs tomorrow.

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