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Acorn Energy , Inc.

Acorn Energy , Inc.  (Visit website)

Montchanin , DE

Energy Producers- Developers

We believe that the problems of the current energy sector and many of our environmental challenges are a result of massive stresses being placed on the energy infrastructure: rising demand, supply constraints and outdated infrastructure and business models. There are brute force approaches to relieving these stresses, like building more and bigger power plants, but we at Acorn have also found ways to attack these stresses by creatively applying intelligence and smarter systems to key leverage points in the industry.Acorn's strategy is contrarian. Today it is popular to invest in big science projects. But we prefer to fish where the fish are, not where the boats are. There are substantial businesses opportunities repairing and updating the existing infrastructure,Acorn operating companies share this strategic vision. They also share sales leads, marketing programs, and expert intelligence about the energy industry.Acorn's PhilosophyWe believe that the right management team with the right incentive plan is the best driver of shareholder returns. Acorn CEOs are passionate entrepreneurs who are enthused about delivering products and services that make the world a better place. Acorn companies' management teams typically own 10% or more of their business.

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