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American Energy Exchange , Inc.

American Energy Exchange , Inc.  (Visit website)

Kalamazoo , MI

Energy Producers- Developers

American Energy Exchange, Inc. (AEX) is privately owned and has been manufacturing energy recovery equipment since its inception in 1981. We are the largest manufacturer of this type of energy recovery equipment in the U.S., and our Air- to- Air Plate Exchanger is the largest selling in the world. We market plate exchangers as stand alone items or in packaged systems. Our Packaged Systems fall into three categories: Energy Recovery Ventilators, Dehumidification Units, and Air Handling Equipment. All products can be ordered in standard or custom built from small to XXL. AEX has held a patent since Nov. of 1990 for its Frost Free Heat Exchanger . This patent allows AEX'S heat exchanger to be the most efficient, and the only continuous operating unit in today's marketplace. The unit never builds ice. This results in up to 86% more total energy recovered than competitive systems, even at temperatures reaching -20 degrees F! Our Air-to-Air Plate Exchanger is the only exchanger of the plate type to be Certified to ASHRAE standard 84-91 for overall performance, and pressure drop. In addition, most states are now enforcing ASHRAE standard (62-99) which requires specific minimum ventilation rates and indoor air quality to a building's occupants without adverse health effects. AEX has been able to assist many Contractors and Engineers in the design of products that easily meet these strict requirements. AEX also holds patents in the U.S. and Canada for the discontinuous air flow design of the aluminum plate profile in its plate exchanger. While other manufacturers may require near laboratory laminar air flow conditions to achieve their computer stated performance, the AEX Exchanger can maintain its stated performance even under the worst of installation and operation conditions. Contractors and engineers see this as a real advantage. The plate exchanger, unlike the wheel and heat pipe, has no moving parts to fail or require periodic greasing, adjustment or replacement. It has no Freon or coatings to check, recharge or renew. The plate design, unlike the heat wheel applications, virtually eliminates any need for cleaning or filtering even in extremely dirty or oily situations. Therefore, by design the AEX Plate Exchanger eliminates maintenance costs and operational failures. AEX's DR line of Energy Recovery Equipment is well accepted in both the Commercial and Industrial markets. It is built very strong, starting from its fully welded structural steel base assembly, extending to its cabinet, made from all 16 and 18 gauge panels, and ending at its roof, that features a slight tip for water control and has interior braces strong enough to support people and snow loads. These packages can be purchased with what seems like an endless list of options: water-steam-DX coils, direct and indirect furnaces, electric heaters, special filtration, humidifiers, BI fans, plenum fans, spring, rubber, and seismic isolators, just to mention a few. The MR Line of Energy Recovery Equipment is designed to fit into tighter budgets. These models feature very large Heat Exchangers for maximum energy recovery. The large Heat Exchangers are fit into minimum sized cabinets that are designed with price in mind. Availability of options depends on the model, with the larger of the models offering almost the same long list of options as the DR packages. Our "DH" or Dryer Line of Dehumidification Equipment is manufactured to the same excellent quality standards as our "DR" series equipment. These packaged units"

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