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Alkane Energy Plc

Alkane Energy Plc  (Visit website)

Edwinstowe , Nottinghamshire NG2

Energy Producers- Developers

Alkane builds and operates decentralised methane extraction and electricity generation plants which reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Alkane sells electricity and gas to local customers from its containerised energy plants Alkane is the leading UK producer of Climate Change Levy exempt electricity using technology that converts damaging methane emissions from abandoned coal mines into electricity and heat. Alkane sells its management and technical consulting services to the renewable energy and carbon trading communities Alkane has started the process required to verify its emissions savings for sale in the voluntary carbon trading market which is gradually replacing offsets as a means of reducing industry's carbon dioxide emissions. If the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is extended to include methane, future income may also be earned from trading of carbon emission reduction certificates (CERs). Alkane Energy plc operations are handled by Alkane Energy UK Limited which manages decentralised electricity generation plants in the UK and Germany. Alkane's Green Energy Park at Bevercotes, NottinghamshireAlkane's Green Energy Park at Bevercotes, Nottinghamshire, UK. This site has a generating capacity of 4.1MW.

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