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Altex Energy Ltd.

Altex Energy Ltd.  (Visit website)

Calgary , Alberta T2P

Energy Producers- Developers

Altex provides a comprehensive solution for western Canadian heavy oil/bitumen producers. The Altex Pipeline System will provide direct access to the U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC), which is the largest refinery market and largest heavy oil/bitumen-consuming region in the world. Moreover, the Altex Pipeline System will be complementary to ongoing heavy oil/bitumen infrastructure development and investment in Alberta by providing its shippers with more control and flexibility in their market options for bitumen destined not to be upgraded and/or refined in Alberta. Altex will provide USGC refiners with direct access to increasing supplies of secure, western Canadian heavy oil/bitumen to offset their expected reductions in feedstock from current offshore sources. The combination of the Altex Pipeline System's shorter, direct route to the USGC and its proprietary Thermo-LEVRÔ and BIRDAÔ technologies will result in: reduction or elimination of much of the costly condensate diluent commodity value loss currently incurred by bitumen shippers on conventional pipeline systems, and quicker pipeline transit time resulting in reduced commodity inventory costs. Heavy oil/bitumen shippers on the Altex Pipeline System will achieve a decided economic advantage in the marketplace by realizing a lower total transport cost. Total transport cost includes pipeline tolls, diluent cost and the time cost of inventory. The total transport cost on the new greenfield Altex Pipeline System, deploying proprietary technologies, could be 1/3 to 1/2 the total transport cost of conventional pipeline systems (existing and planned). Altex will utilize Thermo-LEVRÔ and BIRDAÔ in a pipeline system design that: eliminates the need for costly condensate diluent, but will accept all current diluents; transports more net bitumen than can be carried by condensate diluted bitumen in conventional design pipeline systems; enhances segregation of individual shipper's batches; uses a direct route that reduces in-transit inventory costs by up to 70% compared to existing circuitous, longer routes; uses conventional pipeline equipment; requires capital investment that is comparable to that of new, conventional technology pipeline systems; and allows for significant future expansion capability. Space

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