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Energy Alternative Solutions , Inc.

Energy Alternative Solutions , Inc.  (Visit website)

Watsonville , CA

Energy Producers- Developers

Energy Alternative Solutions, Inc. was founded in March 2006 with the goal of reducing environmental pollution, lessening the country's dependence on foreign oil, and providing new crop opportunities for local farmers. Our vision is to create community-based operations in which each community utilizes its own renewable resources,such as recycled cooking oil and locally grown oilseed crops,to produce its own energy and reduce dependency on petroleum fuels. The original idea for the company was planted over five years ago when two of the company's founders, Richard Gillis and Bernie Weiss, were traveling on business and became stranded at an airport in Mexico following the attacks of September 11. The two began discussing the U.S.'s dependence upon foreign oil at the risk of nation's energy security and what could be done about it. For Gillis and Weiss, the answer was biodiesel. The U.S. burns through 20 million barrels of oil every day, more than half of which is imported. The price tag for crude oil imports cost the U.S. about $250 billion every year, or $475,000 every minute. Gillis and Weiss, along with business partner Vinicio Vides, decided they wanted to bring some of those dollars back home. We opened our first plant in Gonzales, California in December 2006. The 2.5 million gallon-a-year plant will reach full production capacity by summer 2007. We also plan to open two additional plants in Northern California by the end of 2007.

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