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BQ Energy

BQ Energy  (Visit website)

Patterson , NY

Energy Producers- Developers

BQ Energy works with industrial and military organizations to bring wind generation to existing operational (or formerly operational) locations. This often involves meeting with a large company and evaluating which of their sites is a likely candidate for hosting wind generation facilities. The goal is to have wind energy enhance and not change the operations and safety of the existing plant. As such rather than geography, BQ Energy focuses on companies to develop its markets. Once a dialogue is established with such a company, BQ Energy follows their sites around the Western Hemisphere to develop the best projects within their operations. BQ Energy currently is developing facilities which are both for to the grid sale of power and also for behind the meter applications with site hosts. Our development projects are to be located on sites such as oil refineries, steel mills, chemical plants, landfills, and military bases. BQ Energy strives to understand the unique operational and safety requirements of each host site and industry. Geographically, BQ Energy is headquartered in Patterson NY but is capable of working at sites wherever the market leads us. Rather than geography, we focus more on the overall value of the site for our project development needs. It is important for us to get to understand local requirements and for non-US locations, any special economics. BQ Energy has the experience to do that. BQ Energy management have directed project teams comprised of individuals from many countries as well as individuals from many different companies (partners and contractors).

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