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Diversified Energy Corporation

Diversified Energy Corporation  (Visit website)

Gilbert , AZ

Energy Producers- Developers

Diversified Energy Corporation is a privately held company specializing in the advancement of alternative and renewable energy technologies and projects. The company is maturing a series of promising new technologies such as advanced coal gasification techniques, biomass to transportation fuel approaches, advanced solar concentrator platforms, terrestrial carbon dioxide sequestration methods, and in-situ shale oil recovery processes to name just a few. In parallel, the company is working on projects (and providing services to others) to bring commercially available technologies to market now. Diversified Energy Corporation is led by a team of executives with significant experience in the aerospace, energy, and high-technology markets. The team's core expertise is in designing, developing, and delivering innovative technology solutions for government and commercial customers, with a track record well in excess of several billion dollars. The leadership team is complemented by an engineering, projects, and business staff with a demonstrated pedigree of innovation and successful delivery. The company is applying this record of rigorous systems engineering and business acumen to transform creative energy ideas into reality today. The company was formed in 2005 and is headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona.

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