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Energy Center of Wisconsin - ECW

Energy Center of Wisconsin - ECW  (Visit website)

Madison , WI

Energy Producers- Developers

Accelerating energy efficiency. The Energy Center is helping to shape a future that taps efficiency as our nation's first energy resource. We train the workforce responsible for the performance of our homes and workplaces and collaborate with stakeholders to find ways to make better choices about how we use energy.

The Energy Center is an independent nonprofit that seeks solutions to energy challenges. Our dedicated and talented staff includes analysts, architects, economists, engineers, evaluators, planners and communications professionals. We work in a team environment that allows for cross-disciplinary interaction and results in innovative solutions.

For more information, download the Energy Center fact sheet PDF.

What we believe

Society's most pressing environmental problems are intimately linked to fossil energy use. We need a portfolio of solutions, from technologies and policies to community planning, to reduce our fossil energy use and lower our carbon footprint. A sustainable and efficient use of our energy resources is good for the environment and builds a strong economy.
We provide:

* objective information on energy impacts
* innovative ideas on reducing energy use
* intelligent solutions to energy and environmental challenges

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