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El Paso Corporation

El Paso Corporation  (Visit website)

Houston , TX

Energy Producers- Developers

El Paso Corporation conducts meaningful work-day in, day out. We provide natural gas and related energy products in a safe, efficient, and dependable manner.

We are organized around two core businesses-pipelines and exploration and production. We own North America's largest interstate natural gas pipeline system-approximately 42,000 miles-transporting more than a quarter of the natural gas consumed in the country each day. Some of our pipeline assets are owned by El Paso Pipeline Partners, our master limited partnership (Learn more at www.eppipelinepartners.com).Our E&P operation ranks in the top 10 domestic independent producers, operating in high-quality basins across the United States and in Brazil and Egypt.

Pipeline Group Highlights

* 42,000 miles of pipeline
* Largest U.S. pipeline
* More than 1/4 of daily U.S. throughput

E&P Highlights

* Key natural gas basins (Onshore U.S., Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Brazil)
* Top 10 among domestic independents
* 2.3 trillion cubic ft. equivalent of proved reserves (as of 12/31/08)

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