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Energy Dynamics , Inc.

Energy Dynamics , Inc.  (Visit website)

Deston , FL

Energy Producers- Developers

Energy Dynamics, Inc. was founded in 2006 with one focus: Realize the amazing benefits of melanin, nature's armor, to transform the way we protect ourselves from the harmful effects of radiation. This is our noble purpose. We are dedicated to applying all of our entrepreneurial expertise, scientific know-how and business acumen into solving this problem. Earlier in 2006, we secured an exclusive, worldwide license from Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM) for the technology that will transform radioprotection and energy transduction. This technology is built on melanin, a high molecular weight pigment with a diverse range of uses. Its benefits are numerous. It's lightweight, resists radiation and can act as an energy transducer. And it's beneficial in numerous fields, from medicine to transportation. Our first operations were established in May 2006 and we're now securing contracts to manufacture melanin nanoshells. In short order, we'll be making product and initiating commercial use testing.

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