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Energy New England LLC

Energy New England LLC  (Visit website)

Foxborough , MA

Energy Producers- Developers

Founded in 1998, Energy New England (ENE) was formed by members of New England's Public Power community to enhance their competitive position and to attain operating efficiencies in power supply and retail account management. ENE offers a unique understanding of the challenges faced by municipal utilities, and has developed sophisticated and results-oriented solutions to deal with and overcome such challenges as power supply cost management, the mitigation of power supply risks, and even energy efficiency and optimization services for the retail customer base of our utility partners. Since its founding, ENE has experienced significant growth by any measure. Our customer base has tripled in less than two years, and we offer an expanding array of specialized energy solutions that deliver meaningful value to our customers. In fact, ENE currently helps to manage some 900 MW of load and approximately 1,000 MW of resources, accounting for more than 40 percent of total MWh among New England's systems, in four states. We are the largest wholesale power trading organization serving the needs of municipal systems in the northeast, and since January of 2000, we have conducted more than $200 million in trades - or more than 6,000,000MWH. ENE also helps to manage up to 20,000 MCF of natural gas per day within our customers' portfolios, as well as 5,000 bbl per day of #2 and #6 oil. Over the past four years, ENE has also expanded its energy services portfolio to help municipal utilities deliver an array of energy evaluation and energy optimization services for their commercial, industrial and, most recently, residential accounts. We have become the preeminent provider of integrated energy solutions and optimization services for the retail customers of municipal systems, as well, and we are providing these services for nearly 30 municipal systems throughout the region. Services now range from diagnostic evaluations to investment-grade audits and even predictive and preventive maintenance programs. Much of our success is attributable to ENE's highly customized and flexible approach to each customer, and our strategic, disciplined approach to addressing power supply and retail account management challenges. In serving it's customers, ENE offers:·Customized, highly sophisticated resource evaluation, asset optimization and associated power supply support services·Ongoing monitoring of wholesale markets to efficiently manage resources and to capitalize upon opportunities in the forward markets·Considerable experience in the utilization of financial instruments to reduce a variety of risks, including unit outages, fuel price volatility, and resource diversity·Load forecasting, tracking, reporting and settlement services·Comprehensive retail energy services for commercial, industrial and residential accounts that help to optimize energy usage and enhance energy efficiency -Fuel procurement and management services-Professional consulting services to augment power supply, retail account management and strategic planning initiatives-Marketing and communications services, including load retention, customer communications and key account program support

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