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Energy Response Pty Ltd

Energy Response Pty Ltd  (Visit website)

Melbourne , Victoria

Energy Producers- Developers

Energy Response Pty Ltd is an open access aggregator of DSR for all participants in the Australian and New Zealand National Electricity Markets and all electricity consumers in both these countries. We are an independent company - not linked to Energy Companies or Goverment agencies. We have developed dedicated systems to: Register, aggregate, schedule, dispatch and settle DSR in the NZEM, NEM and WEM and have developed a remote, automated DSR dispatch capability. We work on behalf of the DSR providers to obtain substantial financial benefit for their contribution to supporting the national grid. We provide reserve capacity by reducing demand during peak seasons. The delivery of electricity to consumers, like many other products and services, is influenced by demand and supply factors. Energy Response is focused on the implementation of a range of ,demand side' measures, known as ,Demand Site Response' to make the Electricity Industry more efficient and progressively limit the overall cost of this valuable energy source.

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