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Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc.

Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc.  (Visit website)

Markham , Ontario L3R

Energy Producers- Developers

Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc. is based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in custom design and installation of solar power, wind power and other clean renewable energy systems. We have extensive knowledge and experience in solar and wind energy generation with grid-tie connections and off-grid installations. We also offer solutions and products for energy conservation and backup power systems. Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc. continuously researches the latest products and technologies in renewable energy, especially in solar energy and wind energy, and makes them available to businesses and homeowners. By utilizing our products and services, you will:Decrease your energy consumption and reduce your hydro billsLessen your vulnerability against rising energy costs and power outages/blackoutsGenerate your own power, make your hydro meter run backwards and receive money from Ontario government under the Standard Offer ContractConsume clean energy without dumping pollution on our future generationsOur mission is to reduce your energy cost. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve energy independence.

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