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FirmGreen Energy , Inc.

FirmGreen Energy , Inc.  (Visit website)

Newport Beach , CA

Energy Producers- Developers

FirmGreen® is involved in all phases of wind energy projects, from development to construction and operation. With their ability to change output faster than existing industry standards, FirmGreen generation units solve or mitigate many transmission problems associated with wind generation. In conjunction with specialized proprietary software, the output of FirmGreen units is relational to the output of the wind facility and can be synchronized with forecasted utility grid demand. One of the greatest benefits provided to the grid operators by FirmGreen's stabilization technology is the ability to accurately and economically dispatch green energy capacity. FirmGreen adds critical reserves redundancy and peaking reliability, providing greater flexibility to grid operators in managing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance by other power producers. Should another facility experience a forced outage, the FirmGreen facility can be brought to full export, helping to make up for the sudden loss of power created by the unavailability of a scheduled source of generation. FirmGreen technology can be added in blocks of 25 MW to 30 MW and/or blocks of 40 MW to 55 MW. This building block concept provides higher reliability and availability of green resources while minimizing transmission line impacts.

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