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Freeplay Energy Plc

Freeplay Energy Plc  (Visit website)

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Energy Producers- Developers

Freeplay Energy's core technology revolves around the efficient conversion and storage of applied human energy and the delivery of this energy on demand as electricity to create self-powered electronic devices. Initial applications include radios (both consumer and humanitarian), torches/flashlights, mobile phone chargers and standalone foot chargers and the Company has a new product development plan which anticipates broadening the application of its technology into numerous new product categories. Freeplay believes it was first to market and first to commercialise self-powered technology, has been awarded numerous patents internationally and is recognised as a leading brand in the market for such products. The Narang Group is one of the oldest industrial houses of India. The Group was established in 1905 and had its business interests in Sugar, Distilling & Brewing. The Group was started by the late (Dr.) Sir G.C. Narang, who was a pioneer amongst Indian industrialists and had set up one of the first Indian-owned sugar mills in the then undivided India. The Group recently sold its interests in the Distilling and Brewing business and is now focusing on new areas of growth. Today, the Group is led by Devin Narang, the former Chairman of SAB Miller's Indian operations and an Executive Committee Member of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry. The Group currently operates across a broad spectrum of business areas in India and has interests in investment and property, and consultancy services.

Products & Services
wind-up radio, sustainable energy, self-sufficient energy consumer electronics, flashlights, self-sufficient products

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