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Global Photonic Energy Corporation

Global Photonic Energy Corporation  (Visit website)

Ewing , NJ

Energy Producers- Developers

Global Photonic Energy Corporation, Inc. (GPEC) is a renewable energy, technology development company. GPEC is harnessing photonic energy (Sunlight) using small-molecule organic materials to produce electricity for direct use or for the production of hydrogen - or - Photo FuelÔ. Organic materials contain carbon, are readily available, inexpensive and offer new capabilities. GPEC's organic photovoltaic technology will enable ultra-low cost, flexible, lightweight and durable solar cells that are easy to manufacture as they can be applied to virtually any surface in a manner similar to spray painting. GPEC is focused on advanced technologies that enable: The Cost Efficient Harvesting of Photonic Energy A Cost Efficient and Environmentally Benign Method of Producing Hydrogen or Photo FuelÔ Incorporated in 1994, GPEC has created significant intellectual property assets by pursuing innovations in organic photovoltaic technologies levering competencies in: Photo-responsive organic materials, architectures, devices and processes Nanotechnology - Molecular scale manipulation and assembly of functional nanostructures and nanoparticles Optical and electromagnetic modeling and optimization Our resultant breakthrough capabilities are in:

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