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Green Energy Live Inc

Green Energy Live Inc  (Visit website)

Wyoming , MI

Energy Producers- Developers

Green Energy Live is a leader in the emerging waste/biomass-to-ethanol industry. Our mission is to convert wastes that are currently being landfilled, into ethanol and other valuable co-products using our proprietary patented gasification and conversion technology. Our strategy is to acquire or deploy proprietary technologies that will extract the sugars and starch trapped in these wastes with small footprint, low capital cost and low operating cost technology platforms that can rapidly and economically be deployed to the waste site rather than vice versa. Our value proposition is that we can produce ethanol and valuable co-products less expensively than can large agribusinesses' corn based ethanol processors who pay dearly for their feedstock. Our plants will be located closer to the waste sources that are also the ethanol consuming markets. Green Energy Live is a single source provider of complete equipment packages for biomass energy systems using the most advanced technology available. Green Energy Live provides engineering assistance, assists customers in applying biomass fueled energy systems to their specific needs, and provides complete equipment packages.

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