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Integrys Energy Services Inc

Integrys Energy Services Inc  (Visit website)

De Pere , WI

Energy Producers- Developers

Integrys Energy Services and its subsidiaries provide energy supply solutions, products and strategies that enable customers to manage energy needs while capitalizing on opportunities resulting from deregulated markets. Integrys Energy Services and its subsidiaries market energy products in the retail market serving commercial and industrial customers, as well as 'aggregated' small commercial and residential customers and standard service offer. Aggregated customers are associations or groups of customers, which have joined together to negotiate purchases of electric or natural gas energy as a larger group. Additionally, Integrys Energy Services markets energy products directly to small end users in deregulated markets. Integrys Energy Services' operations in the wholesale market focus on the execution and optimization of structure transactions with large end-users, regulated local distribution companies, pipelines, storage companies and other nonregulated energy marketing and trading companies. Integrys Energy Services utilizes derivative instruments, including forwards, futures, options and swaps, to manage its exposure within defined risk limits. Integrys Energy Services' growth can be credited to our clear mission to Provide Customers with the Best Value in Energy and Related Services. Integrys Energy Services always strives to provide the most competitive energy supplies and services"

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