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Lower Valley Energy

Lower Valley Energy  (Visit website)

Afton , Wyoming

Energy Producers- Developers

Lower Valley Energy is a cooperative utility - we are owned by those we serve and any profit we make is returned to our members. We listen and gain direction from our members, we work and serve our members, and we're here to provide the least expensive, most reliable energy with the best customer service. We strive to keep our members informed through direct mailings, billing inserts and newsletters but perhaps we should do even more to get the word out regarding projected natural gas prices for this coming winter. Let me say for the record, the Lower Valley Energy Board of Directors and employees dislike rate increases just as much, if not more than our members. In 1997, we introduced natural gas at .70¢ per therm and have had three rate increases since then. When comparing the introductory .70¢ rate to our current price of $1.33 per therm, this equals a 90% increase in price over the span of eight years. On a national level, the average residential rate has experienced a 115% increase over this same time period according to the Department of Energy. As is evidenced daily in the news, it is projected by the Department of Energy that heating bills across the nation will be anywhere from a third to fifty percent higher for most families this winter, with the sharpest increases expected for those who heat with natural gas. The Department of Energy also forecasts that across the country, natural gas users can expect to pay an average of $350 more during the upcoming winter compared to last year, an increase of 48 percent. Those who heat their homes with fuel oil will pay $378 more, or 32% more than last winter. Propane users can expect an increase jump in their bills similar to those of fuel oil users. On a local level, the cost of fuel accounts for 69% of the price Lower Valley Energy charges residential members. It is projected that wholesale natural gas prices for the Rockies Index will hover around $12 per thousand cubic feet through the winter's heavy demand period. This is twice what it cost Lower Valley Energy last winter. We realize this poses some tough spending choices for low-income families and despite Lower Valley Energy's attempts to contain retail fuel costs, heating bills for gas users this winter are expected to be significant. In the 8 years we have offered natural gas service to our members, we have never had natural gas prices this high or had them increase so quickly, and that concerns everyone of us at Lower Valley Energy. We are encouraging everyone who can spare a few cents each month to sign up for our Operation Round-up Program so that we can build up funds to help neighbors who may need assistance this year in paying their heating bills. We also encourage those who need assistance to contact us to apply for Operation Round-up help. Lower Valley Energy is also helping customers who need assistance in applying for LIEAP, which is a government program that distributes money to help low-income families pay their fuel bills. Once again, we encourage all members who are not participating in Operation Round-up to join and help those who may need a little assistance this winter. Part of the reason Lower Valley Energy is engaged in the Hoback Canyon natural gas pipeline is to help stabilize prices and gas procurement. Natural gas is not a stable market like electricity. The volatility of natural gas and the commodity-like trading of this energy source prevents long-term contracts like those we've secured on the electric side in the past. Hedging the natural gas market with balancing accounts has been our strategy but as with any volatile commodity market, hedging is never foolproof. With the introduction of natural gas service eight years ago, against the typical cooperative model of serving only electricity and at the repeated request of our members, we were and still are confident that natural gas is a viable and practical energy source. Yes, the price of natural gas has gone up markedly since it was first introduced, but the other benefits of natural gas still remain; it is a safe, clean, domestic, efficient, versatile and dependable energy source. Kinder Morgan, a natural gas provider in eastern Wyoming, serves 240,000 customers while we serve just under 3,000. But even given their economies of scale, the price we are charging is in line with what other natural gas distributors are finding it necessary to charge for their gas service. Lower Valley Energy is a cooperative utility that has met the local energy needs of our members for over 68 years. Once again, we dislike raising rates - ever. In the long term however, we believe wholesale gas rates will stabilize in the $5.00 -$7.00 per Mcf range. While this is still over double the $2.00 per Mcf gas we began with 8 years ago, it is substantially better than the $12.00 per Mcf wholesale prices we are currently experiencing. Please contact Lower Valley Energy at any time if you have questions about natural gas or any other concern. It is a privilege to serve your energy needs.

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