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MEG Energy Corp.

MEG Energy Corp.  (Visit website)

Calgary , Alberta T2P

Energy Producers- Developers

MEG is committed to being an exemplary steward of the environment and we are working hard to ensure our operations meet or exceed all environmental protection standards applicable to the oil sands industry. Our goal is to exercise a standard of care in all of our activities that balances the need to protect the environment, comply with all regulatory requirements while, to the extent possible, meeting the needs of local communities and stakeholder interests. MEG utilizes an in-situ (in place) method of production. Compared to open pit mining methods, MEG's in-situ method yields a much smaller environmental footprint. In addition, fewer water handling issues are associated with in-situ production. MEG will conduct further Environmental Impact Assessments that focus on all aspects of the Christina Lake Regional Project's impact on the environment, including air and water quality, terrestrial, human health, wildlife, and historical and traditional land use. MEG has also implemented a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environmental Management System in order to minimize the health, safety and environmental impacts of the Christina Lake Regional Project. Programs developed within the System cover environmental approvals and licenses, spill response, waste management, energy conservation, air emissions monitoring (including noise), land management, and site remediation and reclamation.

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