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Meridian Solar, Inc.

Meridian Solar, Inc.  (Visit website)

Austin , TX

Energy Producers- Developers

Back in 1999, there wasn't a strong demand for solar technology. Everyone was too busy trying to get a piece of that dotcom pie. But that's when Andrew McCalla founded the company then known as Meridian Energy Systems. It certainly wasn't a get-rich-quick scheme. But Andrew knew that clean energy was our future, because it had to be. He developed a passion for solar energy and started Meridian Energy Systems to help make it a viable option for everyone.

Over ten years and hundreds of installations later, Meridian Solar is now a rarity - a seasoned veteran in the fledgling solar industry. And what have we learned? That value is relative. That quality matters, and when it comes to critical components, you get what you pay for. That thorough planning and tireless attention to the most minute detail are rewarded time after time. And a true commitment to customer satisfaction has a way of satisfying the most demanding customers.

Solar technology is evolving quickly, and getting better all the time. We're constantly trying new things, evaluating new techniques and solutions. Redefining "best in class" on a regular basis. Meridian Solar uses the same proven approach for small residential installations all the way up to some of the largest solar installations in Texas. We're passionate about solar energy, and there's no better way to help the industry grow than to create smart, reliable solar energy systems across the country.

Renewable energy isn't a fleeting trend. It's a global concern, and solar energy is becoming a practical alternative for more people every day. We may have jumped the gun a few years, but now that the rest of the world has caught up, we're glad you're here.

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