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Native American Energy Group , Inc.

Native American Energy Group , Inc.  (Visit website)

Forest Hills , NY

Energy Producers- Developers

Native American Energy Group (NAEG) is a publicly traded, independent, energy company that has established its infrastructure and operations on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in N.E. Montana. The company specializes in acquiring and revitalizing abandoned oil fields with substantial known reserves in place, as well as, introducing energy alternatives such as wind & geothermal energy solutions. We spotlight oil fields which were previously developed and capped due to depressurization, production falling below commercial levels at that time, or in situations in which oil & gas leases were terminated by the tribal governments due to improper development and/or refusal to simply employ Native Americans. Our cutting-edge enhanced recovery technology can take abandoned fields and restore production. NAEG aggressively pursues any oil property that has been selected through its screening process. The company is currently enhancing and reactivating many of the abandoned and previously shut-in oil & gas wells on and around the Fort Peck Reservation in the Williston Basin from the Company's portfolio of historically producing wells, in a process that can be duplicated across the state or the country. The NAEG business model also encompasses future expansion into the exploration and development of new properties which shall include new drilling programs and additional oil & gas recovery programs in other areas, such as the very prolific Bakken Formation on which NAEG has also acquired several leases. The U.S Energy Department has called the Bakken Formation the highest-producing onshore field found in the lower 48 states in the past 56 years. Since January 2005, the company has amassed a handsome portfolio of historically producing wells in the Williston Basin in N.E. Montana that NAEG management strongly believes can be enhanced through it's proprietary, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) capabilities and will thereby establish a 10 to 20 year cash flow for the company. The Company's strategy is, through acquisition and development, to bring vast economic improvement to this region and to strengthen Native American communities by helping to secure their energy future. NAEG has strong synergistic relationships with pioneering companies that have proven methods for creating renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen and biomass etc. Another necessary bi-product of this function is increasing employment opportunities. Renewable energy will play an important role in the future of our nation. We provide a unique energy solution to the existing global dilemma. The depletion of pressurized oil fields or better known as cheap oil has been going on for decades. The startling reality that this supply of energy was not as plentiful as once assumed became apparent in the seventies. Most commonly you hear about companies having the competitive advantage. NAEG's competitive advantage is that we have been in this niche market for over five years now and have established a presence with a conscience. NAEG has been working on this niche market long before it became "the latest thing" on CNN or MSNBC. The new hot topic or headline news has been "Enhanced Oil Recovery""

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