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North Star Energy Services , Inc.

North Star Energy Services , Inc.  (Visit website)

Apollo Beach , FL

Energy Producers- Developers

North Star Energy Services designs, manufactures and markets advanced, portable solar powered energy systems. The company's products convert raw sunlight into high-quality DC and AC power required by electronic and electrical equipment. Founded in 2005, originally in New York State, the company seeks to become recognized as a leader in the renewable energy market as a manufacturer of high quality, portable solar-based energy systems. We expect our company's growth to be fueled by the increasing demand for renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources as alternatives to traditional power sources. This increasing demand is driven by the following:Concern over the supply of quality, reliable power Society's ever increasing demand and reliance on electronic devices (and the operating requirements of these devices to have clean power) Need for independence from traditional sources of power Increasing interest and awareness in renewable energy sources North Star Energy Services focuses on transportable energy systems powered by photovoltaics (PV). Our products provide serious power levels that compete with portable generators of equivalent power that utilize engines requiring non-renewable petroleum based sources (gasoline, diesel, LP, or natural gas) to operate. In contrast to traditional portable generators, our products are environmentally friendly, renewable, quiet, and can operate without interruption or intervention almost indefinitely. North Star Energy Services is a privately held corporation headquartered in Apollo Beach, Florida.

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