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Offshore Energy Center

Offshore Energy Center  (Visit website)

Houston , TX

Energy Producers- Developers

The Offshore Energy Center is dedicated to expand the awareness of the vast energy resources beneath the world's oceans, and to chronicle the unique heritage and technological accomplishments of the industry that discovers, produces, and delivers these resources in a safe and environmentally responsible way. The objectives of this mission statement are being met through a three-fold plan developed by the Center. First, the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum was established in Galveston, Texas. Second, the Offshore Pioneers Hall of Fame was established to recognize and record the individual and technological achievements of the offshore energy industry. Third, an Educational Outreach Program has been developed for students, teachers and the general public. The first element of the Offshore Energy Center mission is sponsoring the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum. Visitors to the Ocean Star enjoy learning about real operating offshore rigs and specialized oilfield equipment in a comfortable atmosphere while experiencing the ambience and accessibility of a quality museum. The museum also includes a conference facility and fully equipped areas that can be utilized for training. The Hall of Fame recognizes those persons and technologies that took the industry to sea. Our Pioneers are individuals who distinguish themselves and become the character of the industry through their vision, drive, innovation, and leadership. These people are recognized in the Hall of Fame that is housed at the museum. Pioneering Technologies are those innovations that stand out in the development of the offshore industry and its resources. The Hall of Fame also honors the individuals and companies that contributed to the development of the technologies. Additionally, in 2000, the Pinnacle Award has been established to honor contemporary individuals for their contributions and inspirational leadership to the offshore industry. The Offshore Energy Center's latest initiative is Educational Outreach. Educating the public about the industry, including its history and its safety and environmental record is of paramount importance among the Center's objectives. The purpose of the outreach program is to enhance the science and technology curriculum for children from kindergarten to 12th grades, utilizing teacher workshops, field trips and overnight and summer camps. The Center works to promote the importance (past, present and future) of the offshore energy industry and its contributions to our quality of life. The program is also designed to ensure awareness of the industry's contribution to and continued improvement of our environment. The Offshore Energy Center is based in Houston, the world's energy capital. The Ocean Star is docked at Pier 19 in Galveston, less than an hour from downtown Houston, which makes it a wonderful showcase in a perfect location for an offshore experience.""

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