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Occidental Power

Occidental Power  (Visit website)

San Francisco , CA

Energy Producers- Developers

Occidental Power was founded by Gregory J. Kennedy in 1989. Occidental Power is a licensed California Solar Contractor offering design, installation, maintenance, and service of both commercial and residential solar photovoltaic, thermal, and natural gas cogeneration systems. Based in San Francisco, Occidental Power has designed and installed solar energy and cogeneration systems for 15 years. We've installed the majority of the solar systems in San Francisco, pioneering the city's initial residential solar installation and net-metering systems. Occidental has grown to include commercial systems such as Rainbow Grocery, the Rosebud Agency, the San Francisco School and quality control on the 675kW Moscone Center project. Additionally, Occidental has installed the majority of residential systems in San Francisco. Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience working with alternative energy systems in the Bay Area. We can provide site evaluations, energy cost analysis, engineering, permits, system design and installation, repairs, CA Rebate program paperwork, insurance claims, and furnishing of service and maintenance agreements. Our applications include:Independent, emergency back-up, and utility intertied photovoltaic systems Domestic hot water heating Pool and spa water heating Space heating Natural gas cogeneration of electricity and hot water Heat recovery systems for boilers and furnaces

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