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Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI)

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI)  (Visit website)

Portland , OR

Energy Producers- Developers

PECI has developed and delivered innovative energy efficiency projects, programs and research for utilities, government and the private sector for more than a quarter century. Founded on the guiding principle of efficient energy use, PECI is deeply committed to creating and supporting the new energy economy.

We invest as much time, resources and passion into our team as we do our clients. After all, without the exceptionally talented professionals at PECI we wouldnt be the leader in our field. Our employees receive generous health and retirement benefits, and we offer intensive company-wide technical, energy and leadership training to ensure all employees are well-versed in the field and to fortify our industry knowledge.

We understand that many are drawn to our industry because of strong personal beliefs about conservation and sustainability. These beliefs perfectly align with our company's core values, and we're proud to say that we integrate them into our day-to-day operations. We walk the talk of promoting energy efficiency and careful resource management by encouraging employee participation in company-wide practices that reduce our energy consumption and environmental footprint. We also help our employees commute sustainably with public transportation reimbursements, secure bike parking and on-site showers. Our Green@PECI employee team is dedicated to discovering new ways to promote internal sustainability and to participation in community outreach events.

By investing in our team were investing in a more sustainable future that will benefit us all. We hope youll consider joining us.

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