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Pfister Energy

Pfister Energy  (Visit website)

Paterson , NJ

Energy Producers- Developers

Pfister Energy is a company dedicated to Renewable Energy solutions. As part of your plan to save money, save energy, create public goodwill and sleep better each night, Pfister Energy creates Green solutions that make sense for commercial, industrial and institutional properties:

Energy Efficiency
Wind Turbines
Solar Lighting (paths and parking lots)

Solar Thermal
Fuel Cell
Rainwater Harvesting

Green Roofs

Pfister Energy is committed to applying the latest technologies in Renewable Energy so that you reap the benefits of a complete energy-efficient solution:

Financial savings and ROI
Energy savings
Public stewardship and goodwill
Emissions reductions
Environmental leadership and
Energy independence

Each Pfister Energy system includes a financial feasibility study, technical or engineering study and strategic project description including timelines, costs and responsibility. Building construction, seasonal solar exposures and budgets are always wide-ranging so we spend extra time selecting and integrating the right Renewable Energy solution to meet your goals.

As a Design-Build contractor, we provide turnkey solutions that include design, procurement, installation, commission and maintenance directly to clients, architects, and even other solar design firms! We have the personnel and equipment that it takes to complete each job so there is no need for subcontractors.

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