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PPL Interstate Energy Company

PPL Interstate Energy Company  (Visit website)

Pottstown , PA

Energy Producers- Developers

PPLIEC utilizes pipeline markers at various locations along the route, particularly at road and creek crossings. These markers are required by law and it is a Federal offense to tamper with or remove these markers. PPLIEC employees patrol the pipeline and inspect each road crossing at least once a week. Weather permitting, we also weekly inspect the condition of our entire right-of-ways from the air. Our pilot is closely examining the right-of-way condition, so feel free to give him an enthusiastic wave as he flies by! A contractor mows the right-of-way at least once a year to allow for continued aerial inspection and to prevent root growth from damaging the pipeline. Sometimes we also have to trim some of the trees that overhang over the right-of-way and make it difficult for the pilot to examine the right-of-way condition. These inspections are required for several reasons, but what we and the entire pipeline industry fears most is OUTSIDE FORCE DAMAGE. Outside force damage is a term used by the US Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to describe pipe damage that occurs when struck by any third part excavator. A third party excavator could be a contractor"

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