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Progressive Lighting & Energy

Progressive Lighting & Energy  (Visit website)

Tustin , CA

Energy Producers- Developers

Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions , one of California's leading lighting and energy solution companies, is dedicated to improving the lighting efficiency of a high rise office building, warehouse or industrial facilities by retrofitting existing lighting fixtures in buildings which is where the real energy savings are for most companies - and is the least expensive with the quickest return on investment. Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions provides 100% Turnkey lighting retrofit installation proposal with all cost and benefits broken out; allowing you to make a well informed decision. Our objective is to provide you with the highest quality, most cost effective lighting solutions. Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions is CUSTOMER LOYAL not Product Loyal. We provide the best lighting fit for your company - not what a lighting manufacturer is currently selling. Lighting audits can provide:Lighting Energy cost and Energy Loads can be reduced by up to 60% or more. Increased Lighting Quality can result in increased productivity, and safety. Cooling loads are reduced. Reduced maintenance costs. Asset values of property increase. Savings are measurable and verifiable. Reduced air pollution from fossil-fuel power plants due to reductions in energy consumption. Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions is a member of:Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions is a Veteran Owned CompanyHome | Contact Us | Team | Our Services

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