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PSM Construction USA , Inc.

PSM Construction USA , Inc.  (Visit website)

Burlingame , CA

Energy Producers- Developers

PSM Construction USA, Inc. (PSM) was founded in 2004. Its office is located in Burlingame, California, ten minutes drive from San Francisco International Airport. PS Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd. (PS Mitsubishi), the parent company of PSM has long served construction industry as a Japanese pioneer company of prestressed concrete technology since its establishment in 1952. PS Mitsubishi has provided expert service in the field of civil engineering, architectural business and construction work. PS Mitsubishi has strong experience of bridge design and construction ranging from production and installation of pre-tensioned/post-tensioned concrete girder bridges, to mid-size cast-in-place concrete bridges, to large-scale projects which involve balanced cantilever method, span-by-span segmental method, movable scaffolding method. We have powerful construction technologies like incremental launching method that have few cases but very hopeful in the United States. As for bridge structure, we have been at the cutting edge of technologies like extradosed bridges, corrugated steel web bridges, fin-back bridges, strutted box girder bridges, hybrid structure of cable-stayed bridges and suspension bridges, and so on. Our technologies are not limited to bridges. PS Mitsubishi has worked on construction projects of buildings, facilities, stadiums, storage tanks, sewage disposal tanks, nuclear containment vessels, snow/rock shelters, maritime structure, airport runway pavements, concrete sheet piles, concrete wells, and more. We have also worked on maintenance, repair, structural strengthening and seismic reinforcement. Our wide variety of deep experience and knowledge accelerates construction, maximizes quality and reduces cost. PSM provides high quality services in the United States backed up by this 50 years background.

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