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Solargenix Energy LLC

Solargenix Energy LLC  (Visit website)

Raleigh , NC

Energy Producers- Developers

Solargenix Energy, LLC is a limited liability company with worldwide experience in energy and environmental engineering, solar design and building construction. The primary strategic plan of Solargenix Energy is to design, market, and manufacture; as well as; install and maintain a patented solar system capable of producing hot water, steam or electricity for residential, industrial, institutional, commercial, and utility customers. Solargenix Energy has acquired key licensing agreements, filed patents and registered trademarks on solar thermal collectors that cover operating temperatures from 120°F (48°C) to 750°F (398°C). Therefore, we cover the complete range of solar thermal application from solar water heating to power generation. The basis for our technologies is a science called Non-Imaging Optics that was developed by Dr. Roland Winston at the University of Chicago. This patented technology when used in conjunction with evacuated tube collectors improves the efficiency of converting solar energy to thermal energy. The collectors can be utilized in many different configurations. They can be added to an existing roof or in the case of our patented Power Roofâ?¢, be integrated into the roof of a new structure. Where land is not a premium, Solargenix Energy has technologies that can be ground mounted if desired by the client. The company has assembled a highly qualified management and technical team. Principals and strategic partners have over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of design, engineering, building, manufacturing, power engineering, solar energy, and related research and development.

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