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Solis Energy

Solis Energy  (Visit website)

Altamonte Springs , FL

Energy Producers- Developers

Based in Orlando, Fla., Solis Energy is a privately held, independent global provider of reliable outdoor power generation and connectivity for low-wattage applications and electronic devices, such as WiFi hotspots, WiMax radios, lights, sensors, security/surveillance cameras, traffic monitoring and other low-voltage electronics. Solis Energy's products include reliable, rugged and cost-effective Solar Generators with configurable output in Smart Enclosures to power applications where grid-supplied electricity is unavailable, Outdoor Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for emergency back-up or secondary power, Streetlight Power Tap Adapters, and Remote Power Monitoring (RPM). Today, Solis Energy products power vital applications and devices to public utilities, state/local/municipal government, local/international theme parks, local/international airports, telecommunications companies and corporate enterprises. Solis Energy's products are distributed globally through resellers including Cypress Equipment, Power Products Direct and others, and are field proven on applications by Motorola, SkyPilot Networks, Airaya, F4W, and others.

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continuous outdoor power generation

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