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Stirling Energy Systems Inc.

Stirling Energy Systems Inc.  (Visit website)

Phoenix , AZ

Energy Producers- Developers

The sun is the Earth's most abundant and primary source of energy, light and heat. It powers and shapes our ecosystems, natural cycles and seasons. In short, it sustains the world around us. Even the way the sun's energy interacts with the Earth's atmosphere determines our weather patterns, rainfall, plant, and vegetation growth. Solar energy is at the root of most forms of energy that humans use for power. Scientific American magazine states, "The energy in sunlight striking the earth for 40 minutes is equivalent to global energy consumption for one year. Solar energy's potential is off the charts." Is anyone concentrating? The sun's energy, known as solar radiation, can be converted through technology, into forms of power, such as solar-thermal (or heat) and electricity. But we have choices to make.Beyond the consequences or benefits to environmental and human health, producing clean, renewable and sustainable energy creates new green collar manufacturing and industrial jobs, from sourcing raw materials, the execution of large-scale production and building new power facilities. The entire renewables industry produces new economic growth opportunities that build and stabilize communities. As we move toward more reliable, predictable and competitive cost energy sources, we move away from dependency upon the volatility of rising oil imports. Our long-term national security interests are at stake. Our markets reflect confidence in the future economics of renewable energy sources and power generation that reduces global pollution that contributes toward climate change.Currently, traditional fossil fuel power generation is responsible for over 85% of our energy. Renewable energy sources constitute a very small fraction, only 2%, of our total global power generation. The forecast at best is unpredictable markets as fuel supply constraints and carbon regulation continues to create unpredictable markets due to volatility in energy costs and fossil fuel prices. Our focus and future must be on renewable energy.

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