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Global Energy Solutions , Inc.

Global Energy Solutions , Inc.  (Visit website)

Sarasota , FL

Energy Producers- Developers

Global Energy Solutions is dedicated to solving the global problems of increasing waste and increasing needs for energy and water supplies through the application of environmentally sound renewable energy technologies. Global Energy Solutions (GES) is a multi-dimensional, fast-paced corporate entity. GES, which is currently based in Sarasota, Florida, is both ready and able to satisfy the world's need for renewable energy paving the way for the new Millennium. Our company is dedicated to working with governments and municipalities worldwide in order to meet their waste management and renewable energy-related economic and environmental needs with our Thermal Converter. GES, established in 1999, is a corporation created from a prior corporate formation that utilized an innovative technology, the Thermal Converter System, in order to address our world's problem with the conversion of waste through non-traditional means. The company was formed for the purpose of introducing to an environmentally conscious world the combined field of waste destruction and power generation. Global Energy Solutions has restructured an already existing base and expanded on the successfully proven track record of the Thermal Converter's design, construction, and operation. Our newer cutting edge design is based upon hard work and long-term experience gained in the field of waste management. Currently there are twenty Thermal Converter units, consisting of two generations, on three different continents. Our company constructs, designs, and operates each facility. GES is able to build and operate the Thermal Converter at zero expense to communities and government entities through our private financing. When it comes to design, GES applies its focus on two major factors, location and appearance. It is most important that our facilities be located in areas that allow us to assist in reducing the cost with the transportation of waste. As far as appearance our company feels strongly that each plant should enhance its environment by matching any architectural influence. GES wants every community to embrace and feel comfortable with our presence. Towards that end, we also develop Environmental Enlightenment Programs for governments, local communities, and children. GES uses the most advanced in environmentally sound renewable energy technology making it possible to effectively and safely dispose of all types of waste, whether of a toxic, industrial, hazardous, or residential nature, at a reduced expense to our customers. The Renewable Energy System allows Global Energy Solutions to produce electricity and desalinization of water, which is then available to municipalities at a cost that is economically feasible and which may typically be much less than traditional sources.

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