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Patriot Energy Group LLC

Patriot Energy Group LLC  (Visit website)

Richardson , TX

Energy Producers- Developers

The Patriot Energy Group is involved in every sector of the energy business from finding leases for operations, geological evaluations, drilling wells, producing products (petroleum and natural gas) to distributing profits from the sales of those products to our industry partners and clients of our joint venture programs. Patriot Oil & Gas LLC operates under the registered Assumed Names (DBA) of The Patriot Energy Group and The Patriot Group. Patriot Oil & Gas LLC is the primary business company for all operations conducted by it and all affiliated companies of The Patriot Energy Group. Patriot Oil & Gas LLC was formed in 2002 for the purpose of conducting business and engaging in the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Patriot Production Partners LLC was organized for the purpose of acting as the General Manager for each Joint Venture drilling or production program. Patriot Production Partners LLC is an affiliate of Patriot Oil & Gas LLC. The programs managed by Patriot Production Partners are structured as a Security, a speculative drilling investment program offered by The Patriot Group Securities, an independent, non-affiliated company, a member of the NASD. Patriot Production Associates LLC was organized for the purpose of acting as the organization for oil and gas lease acquisitions for drilling, production and royalty programs. Patriot Production Associates LLC is an affiliate of Patriot Oil & Gas LLC. If a drilling project is to be offered to private investors, Patriot Production Associates will act as Issuer of the program and assign Patriot Production Partners LLC as Venture Manager. Our success is measured on how much profit is distributed to our industry and institutional partners each and every month who have this success possible.

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