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Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative

Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative  (Visit website)

Toronto , Ontario M5V

Energy Producers- Developers

The Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative (TREC) is a non-profit, co-operative, environmental organization. TREC's mission is:Project Development: To develop co-operatively owned renewable energy and energy efficiency/conservation projects Education: To educate Toronto citizens and visitors about renewable energy, energy efficiency/conservation and the community power model. Renewable Energy + Co-operative Ownership = Community PowerWhat is a Community Power Co-operative? Renewable energy is based on sources of energy such as water, wind and sun. These sources are renewable and can be harnessed without creating emissions that lead to smog, climate change and radioactive wastes. A co-operative is a group of individuals who have identified a common goal and created a formal association to meet that goal using a democratically-controlled business model. Each co-op member has one vote in deciding co-op affairs. Community power co-operatives are organized to develop local member-owned renewable energy projects.

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