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United Energy Associates , Inc.

United Energy Associates , Inc.  (Visit website)

Winter Park , FL

Energy Producers- Developers

United Energy Associates, Inc. (UEA) is a privately held Delaware corporation founded in 1987 and headquartered in Winter Park, Florida. UEA is a full service Lighting and Power Quality Management Company, providing all the functions of lighting and power quality management, including consulting, design, installation, sales, service and financing. The managing partners include a lighting engineer, a design consultant, a Certified Lighting Management Consultant and several electrical engineers. The primary mission of the company is to focus on the conversion of inherently inefficient lighting and power systems to lower operating cost, improve performance quality and enact positive environmentalism. Today, UEA is a national company, with offices in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Knoxville, Hilton Head, Dallas, Cleveland, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco and Davenport. The company has distinguished itself in the lighting industry by selling system designs into the market place in lieu of specific products (a concept which has insured maximum efficiency for all UEA clients). The company has also established a reputation for custom capabilities, competitive pricing and for its extremely competent and dedicated group of technicians who will install UEA systems anywhere, and at anytime. In 1993, realizing that power quality had become a major issue of concern where electronic lighting systems were involved, UEA purchased the necessary testing equipment to form its own power quality analysis teams. These groups of technicians immediately began performing power quality analysis audits on all facilities prior to their receiving major lighting retrofits. As a direct result of these testing procedures the company has avoided incompatibility problems with its installation of new lighting systems. In addition, UEA has been very successful in helping many of its clients to mitigate pre-existing harmonic and grounding problems uncovered by these tests. United Energy Associates is an EPA Green Lights Lighting Management Company Ally, a title given only to those lighting management organizations who employ CLMCs or CLEPs (certified lighting professionals). Through the years, the company has established strong business relationships with clients such as Tropicana, Sprint Telephone, Florida Power & Light and the GSA (case studies on many of these projects are available from the home office).

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