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Unitrac Energy Management Company

Unitrac Energy Management Company  (Visit website)

North Chili , NY

Energy Producers- Developers

We provide our customers with detailed energy audits for installing energy efficient lighting, outlining the types of lighting fixtures existing room by room throughout the building. From this information we can determine the proper upgrade needed to not only save energy but to illuminate the area correctly. If our audit shows a need for a different form of lighting; we design it. We provide all types of standard and custom made fixtures needed for successful lighting upgrades. The lighting features we implement always pay for themselves, and through our energy audits, we can clearly show you where these savings will occur. We never lose sight of return on investment. Select from the following to learn what we can do for you:Commercial Lighting Systems , Office Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Shopping Malls Industrial Lighting , Warehouses, Plants Educational Lighting , school energy savings for Universities, High Schools, Elementary Schools Retail Lighting, Convenience Stores, Hardware Stores, Other General Retail Stores

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