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Utah Valley Energy , LLC

Utah Valley Energy , LLC  (Visit website)

S. Orem , Utah

Energy Producers- Developers

UVE offers an optimal solution to the ever-increasing need for both electric power and waste disposal in a single facility. Reducing pollution and producing green energy are UVE's main goals. As new families move into Utah each day, more and more demand is placed on producing electric power and eliminating solid waste. By meeting these two demands without a negative impact on the environment, Utah Valley Energy will not only fulfill the environmental concerns of trash disposal, but could also supply Utahans with less expensive energy. Because of this, UVE claims that facilities like it tend to stablize local power and gas rates. UVE believes it is wisdom to convert waste to energy and let local citizens participate in the rewards of such a project. Not only will UVE produce clean, sustainable energy, and eliminate the need for local landfills, but UVE will also create well paying jobs for many residents. These jobs could equal to an economic impact of $2-3 million per year in payroll. Furthermore, a host of openings in ancillary businesses and industries will be generated. The need to become more energy-wise and energy independent as a nation and as a community is paramount. Other communities are now stepping up and reaping the benefits of renewable energy, it's now our turn!

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