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The Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC)

The Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC)  (Visit website)

Madison , WI

Energy Producers- Developers

Money. The environment. We can save them both.

Most people agree that saving environmental resources is important. But there is a lingering perception that its also expensive. That iss a myth we would like to debunk.

The truth is that saving trees, water and air doesn\\\\\\\'t have to come at the expense of saving money. Since 1980, WECC has worked with clients to design and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy programs that save environmental resources - and financial ones too.

Our programs...

* Are hands-on partnerships. WECC works with utilities, municipalities, regulators, government agencies and consumer groups to meet their energy goals in a verifiable, quantifiable way.

* Partner with existing market channels. We work collaboratively with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, builders and contractors to deliver value to customers. By working through existing market channels, we offer cost-effective, long-term benefits to customers and the supply chains that serve them.

* Recognize the critical roles consumers play. No matter how good a plan seems to be, true success means getting consumers on board. Our programs make it easy and rewarding for the public to participate.

* Are flexible and innovative. As the energy landscape evolves, WECC is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. Continuous improvement is our continual goal.

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